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Is JetBlue Getting A Bad Rap About Its Extensive Flight Cancellations?

Excerpt from Christian Science Monitor

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JetBlue can’t fight Mother Nature, and its lack of regional jets inflate its cancellation numbers compared with airlines that make heavy use of the regionals. Still, it is difficult to believe that JetBlue did as good a job as was possible during the notorious polar vortex.

— Dennis Schaal

JetBlue had to cancel about 475 flights Tuesday and Wednesday in response to the latest winter storm, according to the company. FlightStats, a site that tracks flight routes nationally and around the globe, estimates that about 34 percent of JetBlue flights were affected, the largest proportion for any major American carrier. Around 3,200 flights were canceled industry-wide Tuesday.

Singling out JetBlue isn’t necessarily fair, says airline analyst Robert Mann. For one, most major airlines “use regional carriers to fly about half of their domestic departures. When one of those guys has to cancel, it’s usually a cancellation of one of those regional partner flights, and that doesn’t show up in the statistics of the big national carrier.”

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