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New Skift Report: What’s Coming Next for Travel Metasearch


Jan 14, 2014 10:30 am

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Metasearch is the hottest thing in travel. Understand why, as well as what’s coming next.

— Rafat Ali

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New Skift Report: What's Coming Next in the World of Travel Metasearch

As 2014 starts, our twice-monthly Global Trends Report series picks up again, focusing on global trends across various sectors of travel.

The first January report in the series is “Travel Metasearch: What’s Coming Next.” Metasearch is the biggest battleground in the fight for consumer eyeballs and loyalty between online travel agencies and travel brands. What’s in store during its next phase?

This trends report will examine why travel metasearch is attracting so much attention and investment. It will take an inside look at the economics of travel metasearch for the metasearch companies themselves, and participating online travel agencies and suppliers.

This trends report presents interviews with Kayak CEO Steve Hafner and Trivago managing director Malte Siewert about their respective companies’ strategies and practices inside global online travel agencies, and it will provide insights from key executives throughout the sector. It will also detail emerging trends in travel metasearch, including mobile, as well as offer advice on best practices.

The first five pages of the 30-page report, including Table of Contents, are embedded below:

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About These Reports

This is the eighth report in a series of twice-monthly trends reports that brief readers on a specific trend, providing insight into the current state of the market, the context around the trend, and where the industry is heading in the near future.

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