Tourism Brings Growth Spurt to Wyoming, Least-Populated State

Jan 02, 2014 7:00 am

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Wyoming has its natural charms, and the wide-open spaces and sparse population are among them. Vermont has nothing to worry about. Wyoming will remain the least-populated state for the foreseeable future, saving Vermont and its cows from that status.

— Dennis Schaal

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Tensleep Canyon on US Highway 16 in Wyoming. /

Wyoming’s population grew slightly faster than the national average last year, but the Equality State is still the smallest in the nation.

The Casper Star-Tribune reported Wednesday that the Census Bureau estimates Wyoming grew by 1 percent to just under 583,000 between July of 2012 and July of 2013. The national growth rate was 0.7 percent.

State officials say job openings in construction and tourism drew new residents to Wyoming, and births outnumbered deaths by about 3,100 in the same period.

The next-smallest state population is in Vermont, with just under 627,000 residents. North Dakota is the third least populated with about 723,000 residents.

Information from: Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune,


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