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More Hotels Losing Flags and Facing Demolition

Excerpt from Hotel News Now

Jan 02, 2014 10:40 am

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It was a tough year for aging, independent hotels, which found it increasingly difficult to get branded, and then faced demolition.

— Dennis Schaal

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A total of 120 hotels closed permanently during 2013, according to STR, parent company of Hotel News Now. That’s up 12.1% from 107 closures during 2012.

And even more are aging out of brand affiliations, sources said.

“They haven’t closed yet; they haven’t demolished yet, but I’ve seen a lot of hotels that can no longer get branded,” said Joe Smith, executive VP of Chesapeake Hospitality. “I’ve been around 35 years, and I have not seen this large a group of hotels that just can no longer get branded.”

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