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A Year in the Life of Expedia’s Stock Price

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Jan 01, 2014 2:18 pm

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Despite TripAdvisor and Priceline’s stronger positions, Expedia ended the year up higher than it started, helped especially by Travelocity’s concession this summer.

— Jason Clampet

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… Increased competitive activity in the off-line (TV advertisements) brand marketing channel from and TripAdvisor led to weaker growth in direct type-in traffic at Expedia in Q2. This means that users made fewer searches for Expedia on the Internet. Direct type-in traffic is the most efficient traffic for customer loyalty and profitability according to the company’s management.

… TripAdvisor’s transition to meta-display also took a toll on the traffic. TripAdvisor is an important source of traffic for online travel agencies (OTAs), who advertise on TripAdvisor affiliated websites to attract users.¬†Earlier, advertisements on TripAdvisor appeared in pop-up windows every time a user clicked on show prices. Now, all the comparison based shopping including prices and availability take place on TripAdvisor’s website itself, sending fewer leads to advertisers.¬†Expedia held up on its advertising spend on TripAdvisor in Q2 as it was wary of the new meta-search platform. Consequently the company lost considerable traffic.

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