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Will Expedia Be the Booking Site Jewel In 2014?

Excerpt from Motley Fool

Dec 25, 2013 6:00 am

Skift Take

Trivago is indeed propelling Expedia’s growth, but profits are being dragged down by Trivago’s relatively big marketing spend. Meanwhile, in assessing Priceline, the author doesn’t even mention the CEO change that will take place in a week. That could be a complication for Priceline.

— Dennis Schaal

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Clearly, it has been a great year for online travel sites. Orbitz Worldwide and of course have been top market performers in 2013. Expedia has been the worst performer within the space, but with such strong fundamental performance throughout, which of these three might see the best year ahead?

Expedia’s Trivago will serve as a huge catalyst in 2014, and even without, Expedia is still seeing double-digit growth. Therefore, combined with its valuation, and its poor performance in 2013, Expedia looks like the best option heading into 2014, an online travel company that could trade significantly higher.

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