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Travelers Dealing with Flight Delays Instagram The Chaos


Dec 24, 2013 12:30 pm

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Flight delays in the age of social media mean that the traveler never feels alone, even in a crowded powerless terminal.

— Samantha Shankman

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Jacobean4  / Instagram

Flyers at stranded at London's Gatwick Airport after a storm caused a power outage in one terminal. Jacobean4 / Instagram

A storm swept across Britain on Christmas Eve delaying and canceling many travelers’ flights and trains home for the holidays. While these are the most severe delays rocking holiday travelers’ plans so far this holiday season, people across the world are often left waiting for transportation during the busy holiday season.

Many travelers are armed with smartphones to help pass the time, which also means they’re sharing images of overcrowded hubs, self-medicating beverages, and sad selfies. Updating Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts provides solace if you’re also waiting on a flight and makes the rest of us happy to already be home.

For a peek at what travelers in London and across the world are dealing with today, we turned to Instagram:

Flyers at Gatwick stare at the departure screen waiting for an update on a 7 am flight at 3 pm on Christmas Eve.

Hundreds of bags won’t make it to their final destination today.

Passengers wait for news about their flight.

And wait to talk to airline representatives about rebooking.

Or simply wonder when the trip will finally be over.

Some even attempt to sleep.

Posts from travelers outside of Gatwick highlight a few of the ways we get through delays. Drinks are a popular option.

And usually lead to more airport selfies.

Some travelers resign themselves to wistfully staring out the window.

Others use the time to observe their fellow flyers.

And a few manage to pass the time with a smile.

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