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JetBlue Is the Latest Airline to Surprise Travelers with Free Flights and Gifts


Dec 24, 2013 9:20 am

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The surprise stunts started out sweet, but after a few too many airline videos, it begins to look like corporations are taking advantage of people’s unfortunate situations to make a name for themselves. And the disparity between what corporations can provide and what they usually do becomes more apparent.

— Samantha Shankman

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sukhchander  / Flickr

JetBlue brightens the holidays for three New Yorkers with flights home out of its headquarters in NYC. sukhchander / Flickr

JetBlue Airways was the latest North American airline to surprise travelers with a holiday treat this year. The New York-based airline searched Craigslist for New Yorkers looking for a last-minute ride home for the holidays.

The recipients got more than they were looking for when JetBlue offered them free round-trip flights home to Burlington, Boston, and Buffalo in time for Christmas.

These aren’t the first holiday flights that JetBlue has handed out for free this holiday season. The airline donated ten free flights to entrepreneur Peter Shankman’s initiative that gives his frequent flyer miles to people who can’t afford airfare home.

Canadian airline WestJet sparked the series of generous airline videos that have come out this holiday season.

Watch how JetBlue surprised the New Yorkers in the below video:

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