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6 Digital Trends We’re Tracking at Skift This Week

Dec 21, 2013 4:15 pm

 / Visit Brasil

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Every week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends. This one looks at top digital trends. For all of our trends roundups, go here.

  1. Travel ads that went viral in 2013: Airlines Top the List of the 13 Most Watched Video Travel Ads of 2013
  2. What social media tells us about travel habits today: Pinterest’s Top Pins Show Contrast Between Travelers’ Fantasies and Realities
  3. Social media is doing much of California’s marketing work: California Was the Most Popular Destination on Social Media in 2013
  4. Elements of a well-designed tourism website: The 20 Best Designed Tourism Websites in the World
  5. Google cameras take another part of travel online: Google Is Helping Hotels Provide Guests with Virtual Property Tours
  6. What works in mobile booking: Native Apps Vs. the Mobile Web

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