Blackjet Lays Off Remaining Staff After Losing $200K a Week

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Dec 20, 2013 11:45 am

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Although technology made the discover and booking of available private jets possible, there’s not nearly enough demand for a service like this, no matter how good the app is.

— Jason Clampet

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A celebrity-backed startup that wanted to become the Uber of private jet travel — and had Uber co-founder Garrett Camp on its founding team — has laid off most of its employees as it seeks to raise more cash.

… It planned to sell individual seats on private jets flying popular routes like New York — Los Angeles or Boston — San Francisco. (The company’s site quotes a BOS — SFO one-way trip at $3,766.) But in order to buy those seats using BlackJet’s website or mobile app, you’d have to pay an annual membership fee of $2,500. Members also had to give two days notice when they wanted to fly.

“We were losing $200,000 a week,” the ex-Blackjetter told me. Most of BlackJet’s employees were laid off in September, this person said, after “the investors weren’t willing to put in more money.”

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