Premier Inn Chain Appoints Junior Hotel Inspector, Age 10

Dec 19, 2013 2:00 am

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By the time Roberta Sweet of Bath, Premier Inn’s junior hotel inspector, is old enough to have her own debit card and book hotel rooms on her own, millennials will be so yesterday. Premier Inn is getting a headstart on the next wave of travelers, and earning some free publicity in the process.

— Dennis Schaal

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In a bid to appeal to a wider family audience, the Premier Inn hotel chain has announced the appointment of its first “junior hotel inspector”

Roberta Sweet from Bath was “appointed” after writing a letter when she was 10 years old to John Forrest, the company’s chief operating officer, earlier this year.

In it, she requested to be the first to sleep in the new Premier Inn that is opening in her home town.

According to a Premier Inn press release, she will rank the Premier Inn outlet according to the friendliness of the employees, bed bounciness, pillow softness and room cleanliness.

She will also test the breakfast menu to make sure the “famous” (Premier Inn’s own word) Premier breakfast is up to standard.

In his responding letter, Mr Forrest also invited the secondary school student to the official opening, writing: “We need a VIP to officially open the hotel and you would be perfect for the job.”

Janet Cowley of the newly-opened branch said: “After we received Roberta’s letter we saw a great opportunity to get feedback from our younger guests and ensure they are happy with their stay”.

The hotel chain says they will be trialling the junior inspector role in other “family friendly” properties.

It is the latest in a trend among tour operators and holiday chains of creating “fun” sounding positions to draw attention to their products.

Earlier this year, for example, First Choice announced a job opening for a waterslide tester who would travel to the firm’s 20 SplashWorld resorts and assess the slides and other attractions.

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