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U.S. Government Panel to Discuss New Rules on How Airlines Offer Customized Pricing

Excerpt from Los Angeles Times

Dec 16, 2013 4:00 am

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Airlines have been talking about personalization for years, and so far it hasn’t amounted to much. Some on the consumer panel would ban the practice outright. Push should be coming to shove fairly soon.

— Dennis Schaal

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… What if your airline search site instead offered you a customized flight package deal—adding extras like wireless Internet access and a seat with extra legroom—based on what you have booked in the past?

In the future, airlines will increasingly offer you customized airfares based on detailed information carriers have collected, even data about your income, the neighborhood where you live and your travel patterns, according to industry experts.

“We expect to see more airlines adopt this trend in commerce as they continue to offer passengers a more personalized travel experience,” said Vaughn Jennings, a spokesman for Airlines for America, a trade group for the nation’s airlines.

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