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Puppy Transport Is a Selling Point for Private Jets

Excerpt from Bloomberg Businessweek

Dec 14, 2013 8:00 am

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U.S. passenger airlines generally have done a sub-par job in transporting pets, and private jet companies are barking loudly about how they treat puppies and other pets as part of the family.

— Dennis Schaal

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Larry Downing  / Reuters

A dog named "Buddy" waits in its carrier with its family at Ronald Reagan National Airport for its flight to St. Louis on the day before Thanksgiving in Washington November 23, 2005. Larry Downing / Reuters

Puppies need private planes, too—even more than the rest of us, in fact. That’s the marketing message of late from companies selling private-plane shares and charters.

Pull up, the site for the company that lets travelers buy or lease part of a plane, and you won’t see a square-jawed businessman crunching through a spreadsheet at 30,000-feet; you’ll see a young boy in an opulent leather seat, curled around a yellow Lab puppy, with both sleeping soundly. It’s a fairly adorable picture that makes a weary traveler want to run out and buy one—a puppy, that is, plus a cozy Gulfstream (GD) for it to sleep in.

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