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JetBlue Won’t Block Voice Calls Over Wi-Fi

Excerpt from PCWorld

Dec 14, 2013 1:00 pm

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Battle lines are being drawn. JetBlue will see how it goes and won’t block voice calls over Wi-Fi — for now, at least. Meanwhile, Southwest says it won’t allow in-flight phone calls using cellular services if the FCC and DOT approve the service.

— Dennis Schaal

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JetBlue has launched in-flight Wi-Fi designed to carry streaming video, which is now live on three aircraft, the airline announced Thursday. JetBlue is blocking some ports used by Internet voice and video chat services, but it isn’t stopping passengers from using voice.

”We’re not currently policing it,” spokesman Morgan Johnston said. “If we hear from our customers that there’s an overwhelming desire to police it, we’ll certainly take that into consideration.”

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