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End of An Era Looms As DC-10 Approaches Last Scheduled Passenger Flights

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Dec 08, 2013 1:00 pm

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The first wide-body tri-jet, the Douglas DC-10 had checkered beginnings in the 1970s, but became a mainstay of medium and longhaul routes of many airlines around the world. The DC-10 got off to an even rougher start than Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, but became a workhorse anyway, a fact that Boeing may take some solace in.

— Dennis Schaal

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Northwest Airlines was the last U.S. carrier to use DC-10s, and although it will soon be phased out of scheduled passenger service by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the last airline to use it for passenger service, it remains popular with cargo services around the world. Pictured in foreground is a Northwest DC-10-30 at Schipol Amsterdam Airport in 2005. Aero Icarus /

The last regularly scheduled Douglas DC-10 passenger flight in the world had been set to take place December 7, 2013. Biman Bangladesh Airlines confirmed the news, however the last passenger DC-10 in the world will remain in regular service into January of 2014.

The national carrier of Bangladesh has been the last in the world to operate the iconic tri-jet for several years. But as new, state-of-the-art Boeing 777-300ERs have been delivered the carrier’s modest fleet of DC-10s have slowly been retired. The penultimate frame was retired recently in late November.

Here’s a YouTube video of a Biman Bangladesh Airlines DC-10 taking off from Manchester International Airport in March 2008.

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