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Southwest Thinks It Has All the Gates It Needs When Love Field Restrictions Are Gone

Excerpt from Dallas Morning News

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With the opening of Dallas Love Field next year to nonstop flights beyond the Wright Amendment-defined states, Southwest is licking its chops and could boost its daily flights from the airport to around 160, up from the current 120. Low cost carrier competitors, which are basically shut out of Love Field because of lack of gates, aren’t happy.

— Dennis Schaal

The agreement to open up Love Field in late 2014 permanently limits Southwest Airlines Co. to just 16 gates at the Dallas airport, which raises the question: Will that be enough?

Southwest chairman and chief executive Gary Kelly isn’t worried. He says Southwest will have all the gates it needs at Love Field when the Wright amendment expires on Oct. 13, 2014.

“I think 16 gates is plenty. I think we’ll have all we need,” Kelly told analysts and reporters Thursday as he discussed Southwest’s earnings. “It’s a little bit premature to speculate on what the potential is out of this market, but we’re excited about the opportunity.”

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