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Digital Suggestion Box Lets Travel Brands Ask for Customers’ Big Ideas


Oct 18, 2013 6:40 am

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Betterific’s platform might get the ideas rolling, but it’s up to the brands to hear what consumers are saying and actually implement changes. And for many ideas, it’ll be something that they’re not willing to do.

— Samantha Shankman

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Travel brands are monitoring TripAdvisor and reading blog comments to find out what consumers want. But a new startup wants to give them a platform where crowdsourced ideas can be discussed, voted on, and shared.

Betterific launched as a digital suggestion box in late 2012. Its goal is to give consumers a platform to submit and discuss ideas and brands a place to spark an open conversation among consumers.

The first travel campaign to run on Betterific asked participants to submit ideas for a new travel website. The startup partnered with digital design agency Spark Experience to run the campaign, which ran for 48 hours and promised a winner a $500 travel stipend.

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According to the startup’s case study, users submitted 204 ideas and submitted 625 ‘upvotes.’ Fifty percent of participants were millennials.

Many startups are already trying to execute on the ideas that users asked for. They want to feel like locals, find recommendations of where to go, and have a one-stop shop where their information is always saved.

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Future campaigns could be more fruitful by giving users a more specific concept or brand experience to discuss. Past non-travel campaigns have been sponsored by Arby’s and the Washington Nationals.

Below is the startup’s case study of its first travel campaign.

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