For the love of traveling on two wheels, part two


May 29, 2013 5:05 am

Photo by Glenn Charles in Bunyan Velo magazine.

Early this year we alerted you to a whimsical new travel magazine launch: the obscurely-named Bunyan Velo, a new quarterly digital magazine launched out of Minneapolis, Minnesota by a group of idealistic young editors, focusing on the the slow travel pleasure of bicycle travels.

While the first issue caught our romanticist eye, was hard to see how the editors could sustain the quality long term, but the second issue surely lays those fears to rest, with better stories, more remote locations, and better photography to go along with it.

This issue’s talented writers and photographers explore geographies and cultures from the glaciers of Alaska, to the forests of Rwanda, to the high deserts of Argentina and back again, all by bicycle.

Our favorite passage out of the magazine, from the story titled “My Tribe”:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.20.35 AM

Tough to resist writing like this.

And while the magazine or the concept will likely never turn into a giant business success, it is worth highlighting such efforts on a continuous basis, amidst a sea of mediocre commercial flotsam.

Embedded below, the second issue of the magazine, in full:

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