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Virgin Hotels’ new CEO still pushing the Virgin difference, despite delays

Excerpt from HotelsMag

Jan 27, 2013 8:09 am

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Strangely, the article forgot to mention that Raul Leal is new into the CEO job, after previous CEO left late last year. And Virgin difference, while surely vaunted in the industry, may fade when compared to tons of boutiques and indies that have come in while Virgin Hotels waddled over the years.

— Rafat Ali

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Photo courtesy Wikipedia

Virgin Hotel's first property in Chicago will be housed in the historic Jewelers' Building on 35 East Wacker. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

“There will be about six core differentiators in the product. We will have a different point of view on the room product as Virgin does design with a deliberate thought process and purpose. We looked at consumer pain points in the room and realized we could cure a lot of them. We will also have different point of view on technology, putting customers in control with their own devices.

The overall experience will be different, as we have gone to great pains to make sure we are able to translate Virgin’s cheeky tone of voice. The first hotel also serves as a beta for F&B experiences. We will have an amazing rooftop experience, a cool underground spa, a hip diner on the street for locals and the Virgin Clubhouse (the lobby experience that will have a different name at the opening) will be very F&B-focused, separated into zones based on customer preferences.

We have examined consumer pain points, and will have a different point of view on things like check-in.”

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