Washington, D.C. gets a little raunchy in Valentine’s Day tourism ad campaign


Jan 24, 2013 11:16 am

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The nation’s capital is a relatively thriving city to work and live in right now, and the tourism bureau’s new ads — while aiming for a certain shock value — also show appreciation of the city’s diverse residents.

— Samantha Shankman

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Destination DC hooks up with LivingSocial in new steamy ad campaign.

President Obama has been credited with making Washington, D.C. cool again. It’s also been the most popular place to move for the seventh year in a row with a relatively strong economy, open jobs, and growing number of yuppies hanging out on the mall.

Now the city’s tourism bureau, Destination DC, is ready to embrace its new image in 2013. The tourism board traditionally linked to images of solemn government monuments and quiet museum halls is shaking it up with its new romantic ad campaign.

The “Get a Room” ads featuring a straight and gay couple going at it in a public restaurant were created by MDB Communications to advertise the city’s Date Nights DC promotion.

The ads will appear on billboards, newspapers, LGBT publications, and the organization’s social media accounts throughout February.

This is the second year that Destination DC is hooking up with LivingSocial to offer the Valentine’s Day promotions, which highlight romantic activities around the city and offers from LivingSocial’s Escapes and Adventures products.

DateNight DC Ad


DateNight DC Ad 2

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