The stunning new video series that could make Greenland the next Iceland


Jan 08, 2013 7:35 am

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A longer ad, or short film, that tells a short story exploring all a region has to offer is the right way to go for a destination like Greenland where most tourists have never considered a trip.

— Samantha Shankman

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Screenshot  / Greenland.com

Greenland's new adventure films feature three friends exploring the ice cap. Screenshot / Greenland.com

Heli-skiing, ice treks, and dogsled races? These activities won’t bring many places to mind, but Greenland probably still isn’t one of them.

Visit Greenland, the official tourism organization of the large Arctic island, is tasked with attracting visitors to a place that the general public probably only thinks consists of melting ice caps.

This stunning video featuring Destination Arctic Circle is the first in a series of five short adventure videos promoting tourism to Greenland. The video features not just images of glacier treks, but also includes shots of local children — something you don’t see in most tourism videos.

Destination Arctic Circle is a region in West Greenland that wraps around the Arctic Circle. It is about the size of Greece with 10,000 inhabitants. It’s also home to Greenland’s international airport.

The films are created by MMP Films, a Swiss film production company that is particularly well suited for the job since it started out producing snowboard films. This is the second series that MMP Films has created for Greenland, the first one being a series of six films on winter tourism activities.

Greenland – Rough. Real. Remote. from media.gl on Vimeo.

Biking on the Greenlandic Ice Cap – Rough.Real.Remote. from media.gl on Vimeo.

Kayaking in Greenland – Rough.Real.Remote. from media.gl on Vimeo.

Fly fishing in Greenland – Rough.Real.Remote. from media.gl on Vimeo.

Village culture in Greenland – Rough.Real.Remote. from media.gl on Vimeo.

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