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Bourdain’s new CNN show promises to be edgier and go into “Parts Unknown”


Nov 14, 2012 9:21 am

Anthony Bourdain’s new CNN show, set to start next spring, finally unveiled its name: “Parts Unknown.” It will continue the globe-trekking chef/writer’s exploration of global food, travel and culture. Continues in a similar vein to his eponymous show on Travel Channel, but promises to be edgier and more wide ranging.

The promo from CNN, below:

Yesterday, Bourdain was on Piers Morgan explaining his new show, and said that it will go further than what was possible with his previous show and places he has always wanted to go but couldn’t, for various reasons. “Well, you guys called, and, at a good time. It was a very exciting opportunity to shoot in places that I’d been wanting to shoot for a long time…This is a relationship that’s going to open up the world to me and my creative partners in ways that I’ve long aspired to.”

“I think what we found over the years, shooting all over the world, is that just by virtue of showing up with food, just to see how people live, and eat, and drink, as your only extensible criteria, people show themselves to you, reveal themselves to you, in ways that they often wouldn’t to a hard news reporter for instance….I’ve had a really unique perspective on a lot of societies, on a lot of countries and cultures, that I don’t think other people have been able to see, largely because people let their guard down at the table.”

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