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Changi’s new iPad app may become the gold standard of airport apps


Oct 16, 2012 7:29 am

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As the big hub airports become destinations in themselves — at least for long haul passengers — airport guides need to become increasingly sophisticated. The next step would be plugging into trip itinerary and airline check-in services and apps.

— Rafat Ali

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Every great airport deserves a great app these days, and one of the world’s best airport Singapore’s Changi just released a new iChangi HD app that may just become the gold standard by which airports apps may be judged. Many of the big airports have iPhone and iPad apps, including London’s Heathrow, Frankfurt’s FRA, Amsterdam’s Schipol, and Dubai’s DXB, but this effort from Changi, which upgrades its own earlier iPhone app, adds a lot more features than a usual airport app.

The nine screenshots below outline the highlights of the apps:

1) Live feed for flights on opening page


2) Flight check and push notifications.


3) For each arriving flight, details on baggage belt along with helpful maps and nearby info.


4) For departing flights, gate numbers with maps, and possible transfer required to get there.


5) Terminal maps for ease of navigation


6) A list of travel deals from participating airlines, hotels, attractions nearby.


7) Airport transit and other useful information.


8) List of shopping & dining information at Changi’s terminals, for public and for passengers, along with maps.


9) Great panoramic photos of all the attractions at Changi, including its famous butterfly garden.

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