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SkiftDesign: On hunt for the perfect transit app, Chicago makes its citizens app designers

Excerpt from Co.Design

Jul 21, 2012 8:55 am

Skift Take

Could benefit not just Chicago but other larger U.S. cities as well, an effort that could surely use backing from non-Chicagoans as well.

— Rafat Ali

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Chicago’s transit authority has launched Designing Chicago, an unusual Kickstarter campaign that (if successful) will leverage the power of the city’s fiercely proud citizenship to design the next generation of transit app. The CTA team will lead a team of thousands as they gather data, propose ideas, and develop the groundwork for a transit app that will unite the city’s various systems of public transportation.

Some of the things the app could possibly do sounds very useful:
- It could let you pay your fare without taking out your wallet
- It could tell you whether you’ll get a seat on this bus, or to wait for a seat on the next one
- It could wake you up right before your stop
- It could know you were traveling with a stroller, and give you a route with elevators at every stop
- It could integrate with hyperlocal weather, know it was going to rain between your home and your station, and remind you to grab an umbrella

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